Sample Name: Lemon Terp Sauce

Date Tested: 11/23/2018

Test Result UID: 0017227

State Lot ID:


Total Solvents:4504 ppm

Serving Size:
0 g

Potency Profile

  • Not Tested

Moisture Analysis

Loss on drying:Not Tested
Water Activity:Not Tested

Foreign Material Inspection

  • Not Tested

Terpene Profile

  • Not Tested

GC Solvent Chromatogram

Residual Solvent Test

Propane< 20 ppm
Isobutane183 ppm
Butane3808 ppm
EthanolNot Tested ppm
Acetone108 ppm
Pentane< 20 ppm
Isopentane< 20 ppm
Isopropanol217 ppm
Hexane< 20 ppm
Heptane< 20 ppm
Methanol< 20 ppm
Acetonitrile< 20 ppm
Dichloromethane< 20 ppm
Ethyl Acetate< 20 ppm
Tetrahydrofuran< 20 ppm
Chloroform< 2 ppm
Cyclohexane< 20 ppm
Benzene< 2 ppm
Toluene188 ppm
Ethyl Benzene< 20 ppm
m- and p- Xylenes< 20 ppm
o-Xylene108 ppm
Total Xylenes< 20 ppm

Mycotoxin Analysis

  • Not Tested

Microbial Analysis

  • Not Tested

Pesticide Test

  • Not Tested

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Lab Tech Notes

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