Hops Analysis Laboratory

Analytical 360 provides Alpha/Beta acids, Total Essential Oils, and Essential Oil Profiling (Terpenes) for the Hops Industry.

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National and International Clients

Analytical 360 accepts Hops samples from clients worldwide. Call today! 206-577-6998

Liquid Chromatography

Using HPLC, we are able to quantify Alpha/Beta acids in hop cones, pellets, and concentrates.

Gas Chromatography

With Headspace GC-FID, we can measure the individual Essential Oils (Terpenes) in hop cones, pellets, and concentrates.

Steam Distillation

Using steam distillation, we separate and condense the Hops oil to measure the Total Essential Oils.

Services Offered

Analytical 360 currently offers the following assays for Hemp Testing:

  • Alpha/Beta Acids by HPLC
  • $50
  • Total Essential Oils
  • $30
  • Essential Oil Profiling (Terpenes)
  • $80
  • Alpha/Beta Acids by UV Spectrophotometric
  • $35


Call us today at 206-577-6998 or email sales@analytical360.com

Seattle HQ: 2735 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Yakima Lab: 29 N 1st Ave, Yakima, WA 98902

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