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Who We Are

Analytical 360′s dynamic team of biochemists, laboratory technicians, and friendly, courteous staff are dedicated to ensuring that patients using therapeutic cannabinoids have access to important information about the potency and safety of their medicine.


Using advanced equipment and well established published techniques, we provide dry-weight quantification, potency testing, cannibinoid profiling, foreign material detection and microbial bioburden screening.  Analytical 360 safety-certifies medical cannabis for the protection, education and empowerment of patients.


We employ High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology to determine the original composition of cannabinoids present by direct analysis of plant and edible samples. This technique uniquely determines all of the medicinal components contained within the products and provides a cannibinoid profile in order to more accurately evaluate potency, institute material quality assurance and to identify plant phenotype.



Analytical 360 Team

Caitlin Reece, Senior Lab Manager – Seattle; B.S., Environmental Chemistry, Evergreen State

Maxwell Rutter, Senior Lab Manager – Yakima; B.S., Biological Sciences, University of Illinois

Nicole Spink, Lab Technician; B.A. & B.S., Analytical Chemistry, Evergreen State

Vito Luppino, Lab Technician; Veteran Hops / Agricultural Sciences Lab Technologist

Jeffrey Clemens, Senior Engineer; GMI Engineering and MGMT Inst. – Kettering University

Kit Morris, Director of Creative Technology Solutions; Enterprise Data Technologist

Carlin DaRonche, Senior Information Analyst; Information Technology Specialist

Michael Zabrek, Account Manager; B.A., University of South Florida

Dave Niebuhr, Account Manager/Field Tech

Raven Dullea, Account Manager


Our Mission

Patients using therapeutic cannabinoids in the Pacific Northwest deserve assurance that the herbal medicines recommended to them by doctors meet the same standard for effective, safe and reliable treatment as traditional pharmaceuticals.


By providing information on dosage, strain verification, and safety, Analytical 360™ strives to safeguard the health and wellbeing of these patients.


Equipment, Processes & Validation of Methods

Analytical 360 is a state-of-the-art Cannabis Analysis Laboratory equipped with cutting edge, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology.  This machinery enables our team of biochemists to measure the potency of samples with far superior precision and efficiency than gas chromatography.

We use HPLC methodology in line with laboratory standards and practices within the wider national and international medical cannabis community and acknowledge the obvious advantages that HPLC technology holds over gas chromatography for accurate cannabinoid profiling.  We employ established practices in conjunction with tightly controlled scientific procedures to produce test results that are precise, can be replicated and are independently verifiable.

Our tests procedures are designed by biochemists and involve methodology developed through decades of research and experimentation in isolating and characterizing molecules from natural source materials.